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Bidsee: Mobile gateway to auction

The real online auction experience!

Live Stream

Explain your products with all the details on live broadcast!

Limitless Product

Stream and sell as many products as you want!

Participant Management

Customize your live stream the way you want!

Schedule Live Stream

Auction at the date and time you specify!









What is Bidsee?

What does it do?

Bidsee is a brand new application that brings the excitement of auctions to mobile devices!

You can download Bidsee completely free of charge to your device and start your own auction within minutes or join the auction of the products that interest you and start bidding.
Thus, Bidsee offers auction lovers a practical, fast and easily accessible real online auction experience.

While the auction process is completed under the responsibility of the sellers and bidders, Bidsee acts as an intermediary in this process.

Bidsee provides its users the opportunity to be both a seller and a bidder, and guarantees the execution of the auction process without synchronization problems.





Online Auction

Standing out with its ability to be accessible from anywhere, Bidsee builds bridges between its users with the logic of online auctions proceeding within the framework of certain rules.

To start your own auction instantly;

  • Sign up for free; Download the Bidsee application for free on your phone and complete your membership easily, take the first step for the excitement of online auctions.
  • Start your live stream; Determine the products you are going to auction, start your live broadcast, start explaining your products, get instant offers from your audience and start experiencing the excitement of online auctions!
  • After the auction is over; Contact the users with the highest bids on their products and complete your shopping!

Everythink you are looking for Bidsee

With its easy use, you can participate in auctions and bid on the product you want. Plus it's live!

To participate in the instant auction;

  • Sign up for free: Download the Bidsee application to your phone for free and complete your membership easily, take the first step for the excitement of online auctions.
  • Create your profile, complete your contact information: This is very important for you to bid! Also, don't forget to select your interests so that we can recommend exclusive auctions for you.
  • Join the live broadcast: Bid for the products you like, compete with other users. Submit the highest bid and qualify to purchase the item. The auctioneer will contact you using the contact information on his profile and your purchase will be completed.
  • Rate Seller: Don't forget to rate the auction owner when the live stream is over!
    Get an idea about the auctioneer based on the ratings given by the users.

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